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Are you dealing with unrelenting complaints about air or water leakage?

It is sad to see how many building managers deal with daily stress thanks to leakage for many years without an end in sight. The fortune spent by some building owners on chasing a problem is enough to make a person sick.

We have a step by step process which will deliver the solutions that you have been hoping to find, at a fraction of the consulting budget. Our team approaches building science issues using the same training and science as your typical large firm but without the massive waste they incur. 

At Blackpool Nieman, our vision is to be Toronto’s choice consultant for building cladding issues and to be a place where all of our employees are proud of their work and of the impact they make in the lives of our clients. We are also a proud employer of Waterloo Engineering Co-op students who love buildings as much as we do.

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From cold drafts to water damage, we solve
the building issues that degrade quality of life in your
home or building. 

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Do you need to develop a long term plan or report to stakeholders?  We have expertise in cladding review and capital planning in Toronto’s restoration construction market.