We are proud to employ students from the University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering



Learning and mentoring is what makes a career worth pursuing, and Blackpool Nieman strives to be a place where people love the work they do and the impact they make in the world. We work with the best and the brightest Engineering students who love buildings as must as we do, and here is what some of them have had to say about their time with us:  

WORDS OF WISDOM from our students

Blackpool Nieman gave me a great introduction into the building restoration industry. I learned a lot about ongoing building performance and more importantly what needs to be done when buildings begin to fail and lose their efficiency. With the office work and on-site experience, I gained knowledge which I could apply right away and handle a variety of tasks given to me. Chris was very friendly and helped make my experience the best it could be.
— Omar Elmaghrabi 2023 Arch.Eng